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A Quick Summary of How to Stop Bagging and Start Bragging

Midsize cities like Albuquerque, Louisville, Madison and Colorado Springs are growing in popularity because of their affordability, sense of community and easy access to urban amenities. Millennials, families, meeting planners and site selection consultants are gravitating to midsize cities as places to live, raise a family. host conventions and start businesses. 

To be competitive in attracting talent and business to Albuquerque, we have to differentiate ourselves from other midsize cities. The good news is that Albuquerque is garnering positive attention from outsiders and is quickly becoming “The Most Interesting Midsize City in America” because of our:

  • Mild climate
  • Stunning landscape and endless sky
  • Unmatched blend of culture and history, technology and innovation
  • Inclusivity

However, many Albuquerque residents tend to focus on and talk about the negatives. We want your help in changing the narrative and building on the positive momentum surrounding this place we call home. Your words matter. People listen to what you say. Although Albuquerque is facing issues similar to other midsize cities (crime, homelessness, etc.), there are ways to reframe our language and be more uplifting while we continue to face and address our challenges. For example:

Traffic: Really? You can get anywhere in Albuquerque in about as long as it takes you to get your Dion’s pizza.  

50 Shades of Beige*: Albuquerque is the perfect palette on which to grow your company, your family, your life. Albuquerque isn’t set in stone. You get to paint your own picture of it. 

Land of Entrapment: People come here for all sorts of reasons. And then they stay. They found a job. A love. An affordable home. A new perspective. An addiction to sunshine. It could easily be the “Land of Enticement.”

Two Degrees of Separation: We’re connected here. We know each other. This means you can quickly find the people who get things done and they’ll answer their phone when you call.

No One Wants to Come Here: False. According to Visit Albuquerque, there could be at least 8,000 people visiting Albuquerque on any given day. Our city is a choice destination. 

Land of Mañana **: Right. We are the Land of the Future, the Land of Tomorrow.

Here are a few suggested ways you can STOP Bagging and START Bragging:

  1. Interject when someone is saying something negative about Albuquerque and remind them of the positives; start your next board meeting with an upbeat story about Albuquerque.
  2. At your next employee meeting, spend 15 minutes explaining how and why they should change their narrative about Albuquerque.
  3. Order some of the “STOP Bagging. START Bragging.” buttons and pass them around.
  4. Don’t post negative news stories about Albuquerque on your social media accounts; post the positive ones instead.  
  5. Include a positive story/mention of Albuquerque in your regular newsletters to staff and/or customers.
  6. Act like a tourist in your own city and do some things you’ve never done before.

Thank you for your support! We can’t become “The Land of Manana” without you.

* Courtesy of JP Eaglin of Mural Fest

** Courtesy of Thea Haver of Modern Albuquerque

Stop Bagging. Start Bragging.

Stop Bagging. Start Bragging.

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